When some guys tried to ask people outside a pizza parlor for a slice, the ones they approached refused to give them one. Many tried to explain that they were hungry and could not give them a slice because the food was just enough for himself.

The guys tried asking strangers for food three times, yet they were all rejected.

After a few hours, the decided to upgrade the social experiment by giving a homeless guy one box of pizza. Would he be willing to share a slice of pizza to strangers asking food from him? You’ll be surprised at his very unlikely response.

Watch the video here:

It is possible that the people outside the pizza house were really just hungry and could not share a slice because, well, they only bought a few slices. Of course, the guys’ outfits could be a huge factor considering they look like rich guys with expensive clothes yet they are asking for food – any person would be puzzled by that, surely.

Now, as for the homeless guy, we should not think these people are greedy. Many have been filmed sharing to others what they had, even if it meant they only have a few left for themselves. Often, when asked why they are doing this, they say that they know how it feels to be hungry and rejected so they would not want others to feel that way. That’s why homeless people are bound to be more generous in many of the social experiments shared on YouTube.

What do you think about this social experiment? Are homeless people really generous or is this another one of those scripted videos? I would like to think this was genuine and that the young homeless guy was really a great person who shared what he had to someone in need.