Nurse Distracts Young Patient Cleverly, Injects Him Three Times and Gets Blood Sample without Tears

We all know that kids have to get their vaccines to protect them from serious and deadly diseases. While there are some parents who don’t agree with that, these anti-vaxxers are few and some change their minds after their kids get seriously sick afterwards.

But there’s this challenge of getting the kids to stay put and not cry for the shots. After all, the shots can be painful – and seeing those needles is enough to make any kid cry!

A number of parents think that the kids will be ‘scarred for life’ after their experience with getting the injections; thus, they try to find ways to make the situation more bearable for the kid.

Photo credit: Tiffany Shelby Marshall – Storyful / Facebook – vt

Many parents would tell you they have done a lot of ‘bribery’ and promising to buy the kids with the things they like, such as toys and their favorite food. What have you done to keep your kids from fearing and hating the experience of getting their shots?

Well, one kid was promised $5 if he didn’t cry while getting his injections. That’s a nice prize for the shots, right?

But it turned out he had to take three shots and one blood test sample! Major ouch.

Photo credit: Tiffany Shelby Marshall – Storyful / Facebook – vt

Everyone expects the kid to cry but aside from the $5 prize he’ll get for not crying, this kid was quite lucky because the nurse actually knew how to best handle kids so they would not hate the experience.

Most nurses will just ask someone to restrain the kid before giving him/her the shot but this one talked to the boy and distracted him in clever ways, making the experience bearable for him. Not once did the boy cry; although he did shout out a bit in pain but that is expected.

What do you think of this nurse?

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