A poor grandfather was forced to feed his newborn granddaughter with goat’s milk after she was abandoned by her heartless parents who found her appearance disgusting.

The child, who has no name yet, was born in Maharashtra, western India. She looked different from other newborns in that although babies look wrinkled at birth, her wrinkles actually made her look old. So, she essentially looked like an old woman reborn.

The villagers were scared of her appearance but what was shocking is that her own parents rejected her. Her father Ajay Dode and mother Mamata Dode are both 25 years old and have an elder child, 3-year-old Payal who actually looked “normal”, unlike this new baby.

Ajay’s father, 50-year-old Dilip Dode, took it upon himself to raise the child even though he was dirt poor. He had to feed her with goat’s milk until he was able to bring her to a hospital located 138 kilometers away, in Mumbai. He was told by doctors that the child was severely dehydrated. It was a good thing he had brought her for treatment as the 2-week-old wouldn’t have been able to survive it she was brought a few days later.

Doctors believe she might be suffering from Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) though it is also suggested that the child has progeria. Genetic tests are still being conducted for better diagnosis and treatment of the child’s condition.

Thankfully, Wadia Hospital in Mumbai has promised to shoulder the child’s medical bills, including the genetic tests which could total to around $7,900. Hospital CEO Minnie Bodhanwala reveals that the child is improving greatly but might need to be admitted for a very long time to address her condition.

Meanwhile, aside from shouldering the baby’s medical bills, the hospital had also made arrangements for grandpa Dilip.

News Source:

RachFeed, Mirror UK