Parents Suspect Their 28-Year-Old Son is ‘Too Handsome’ to be Theirs, Sadly Discover They Were Correct! Ooooops.

Genes determine the way we look; this is the reason why children often look like either one of their parents or a combination of both.

But one mother in China was left brokenhearted after discovering that the son she raised for 28 years wasn’t her son at all!

The woman, only referred to as Zhang on Chinese media, decided to undergo a DNA test after her husband left her because he long suspected she had an affair. The reason for his suspicion is that their son, Wang Ye, turned out to be ‘too handsome’ to be their child!

While many parents would have been glad to have a handsome kid, this dad believes his wife cheated on him.

“[My son] has big eyes and a high nose bridge. His father is not very good looking and is quite different [from my son],” Zhang said.

Despite getting a divorce from Zhang, the husband continued to demand a DNA test; thus, she relented — and they discovered that the young man wasn’t related to them at all!

Photo credit: Tomonews / YouTube

Devastated over these results, Wang took another DNA test but when this turned out to have the same results as the first, he and Zhang went to Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital where he was born in February 1989.

But the hospital would not give the family any explanation, saying “they could not find the records from that time”! The family has filed a lawsuit against the hospital while also trying to find their respective real families.

They do have a problem in that they have no leads at all, except that the chld was also born in Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital last February 1989 and that he would have looked much like Zhang and her husband while Wang’s parents would look about ‘as handsome’ as he is…

Do you think they will ever find their real families?