Photo Taken at Scene of Fatal Accident Shows ‘Pathway to Heaven’, Brings Comfort to Families of the Dead Victims

Three people died in an accident after the driver lost control of the vehicle but their grieving families have found comfort in a photo taken at the scene, showing what appears to be a ‘pathway to heaven’ which they believe was proof that their loved ones were at peace when they died.

According to the police, 23-year-old Hannah Simmons was driving with her 9-month-old daughter A’lannah and 28-year-old friend Lauren Buteau last April 25 in Gainesville, Georgia in the US when their vehicle slammed into another one at the highway.

The three died at the scene.

The accident caused heavy traffic in the area. One of those affected by the traffic jam, Anisa Gannon, snapped a photo of the scene to send her boss as proof that this was the reason why she will be late for work.

Photo credit: Facebook/Paige Wilson – Metro UK

But before she could send the snapshot, she noticed something rather strange in the photo: a light beam that appears to shine directly on the spot where the fatalities were located. There were also smaller blobs of light that seemed to hover over the scene.

Thinking that she captured something special, Anisa showed the photo to her aunt, Tara Noble; the latter said that the beam of light could be a ‘pathway to heaven’ and that the smaller blobs are the spirits of the newly departed.

So, Anisa tracked down the victims’ family and managed to reach Judy Simmons, the mother of Hannah who had been driving the vehicle.

That picture was taken for a reason – to give me sanity. Hannah was also my best friend, and she’s looking down from heaven,” the grieving mom said.

Hannah Simmons (center) and friend Lauren Buteau (left) passed away in the crash
Photo credit: Facebook/Paige Wilson – Metro UK

But many people were skeptical about the whole thing, saying that this could have been a camera error or just windshield glare. Tara shuts them down by saying that she doesn’t believe in coincidences and that whether this was actually due to glare or not, what was important is that the photo gave comfort to the families of the victims.

At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing, right?

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Metro UK

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