Plastic surgery has helped a lot of people transform from “ordinary” to gorgeous yet this is also the reason why a number of people have gone from beautiful to horrendous!

It seems that people are not content with how they look, wanting to change this permanently through plastic surgery – be it through Botox injections, lip or cheek fillers, nose lift, tummy tuck, or whatever procedure they deem necessary to look more beautiful.

Now, it could not be denied that plenty of people have benefited from plastic surgery. These people look more beautiful than their real selves yet there are those, like the late Michael Jackson, who look so different after a series of plastic surgeries that they might not even hold any semblance to their original self!

It might be alright if the change did not make the person look scary, such as famous actress Renée Zellweger who obviously underwent plastic surgery because she looks so different from the Renée Zellweger we knew yet she looks absolutely gorgeous nonetheless; different but still stunning. Yet there are people who went from beauty to beast because of botched plastic surgery!

Check out some of the craziest plastic surgery fails in these photos:

  • Amanda Lepore did not like what old age was doing to her body; so she made several trips to the plastic surgeon's clinic but ended up looking like this....
    Photo credit: Look Damn Good

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