Poor Man Walks from Hospital to Bring Wife’s Dead Body Home, 60km Away!

Life is not fair – while there are lots of people who are worried over what their friends would think about their expensive outfits and high-end gadgets, there are also lots who don’t even know if they can eat enough food to stave off hunger pangs.

Some weeks ago, a man named Dana Majhi from Melghar village in Kalahandi, India had gone viral after photos of him carrying the body of his dead wife and walking home some 60 kilometers away from the hospital were posted on social media.

His wife Amangdei died of tuberculosis at the Bhavanipatna District headquarter hospital but they had no money to bring her back home. Since they wanted to give her a decent burial despite lacking the means to do it, Majhi decided to simply carry her back home.

Photo credit: youthensnews
Photo credit: youthensnews

He later revealed, “When my wife died, I and my daughter, Chandini, 12, cried for help. Someone told us to take her (wife) away, so I wrapped the body in a lungi, and carried her.

The two were photographed as they made their long journey home, carrying the dead body. A news crew intercepted their walk and helped bring Amangdei home. The story also made headlines across India and the rest of the world; help soon poured in but India was widely criticized for it deplorable health system – that a man would have to walk home some 60 kilometers while carrying his wife’s dead body…

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