They were too young to attend prom at fourth grade but that did not stop Ben Moser from making a promise to his friend Mary Lapkowicz that he would take her to the prom someday.

Mary has Down syndrome yet that did not stop Ben from befriending her – something that was greatly appreciated by her brother Tom Lapokwicz and mother Lisa Troutman Moser. However, the two soon drifted apart when they attended different high schools.

Now a popular student as the football team’s quarterback, Ben could probably take any girl he wanted to the prom yet he chose to fulfill a promise he made 10 years ago: take Mary to the prom! He eventually got in touch with Mary’s family and offered her a sweet prom-posal that had the teenager giggling with a big “yes!”

At the prom, their fourth grade teacher, Tracey Spogli, even saw them off. She said she felt blessed to have known and mentored these two kids.

Everyone was happy about their story, especially Tom who said, “Ben put a smile on Mary’s face and restored my faith in humanity.” Wonderful, isn’t it?

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