How far would you go to ensure you will never lose your partner? For one man, it meant fattening his girlfriend up – so that no one will fall in love with her!

What a shallow idea this had been but you will be amazed to learn that his girlfriend was quite willing to do it for him as well. Hmmmm. What a silly pair they make!

Yan Tai was merely 50 kg when the pair fell in love with each other. Worried that other guys would fall in love with Yan Tai and steal her, You Pan decided he would make her fat by feeding her 5 times a day! This meant chocolates and sweets everyday but Yan Tai loved the pampering and enjoyed the reason why her boyfriend (possessive though he may be) is doing it.

It went on for over a year. Then, when Yan Tai tipped the scales at 90 kg, You Pan was ecstatic. He had finally met his goal.

So, he wasted no time in proposing to her – with a bouquet of chocolates and a ring, of course! Yan Tai accepted with grace and the two are planning to get married soon.

A number of people are skeptic about this controlling relationship, however, saying You Pan should not be doing this to Yan Tai – yet the girlfriend appears to be a willing victim. Let’s hope it won’t become an abusive relationship.

Good luck to you both!

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