Pouring Water in a Container Can Be More Exciting Than You Think with These Tricks!

Bored and got nothing to do? Whether you’re a parent looking for something to do together with your kids or you’re just plain bored, you can go grab these household items and start doing something that’s both intellectually stimulating and marvelous to behold — what’s more, it’s definitely entertaining! You don’t even have to go shopping for the items needed in these cool tricks, because you can find them inside your home. How cool is that?

You might think that liquids are not interesting. But wait until you watch this video uploaded by YouTube user brusspup. It will get you thoroughly engaged! His demonstrations are very easy to do and will teach you how to perform liquid magic tricks — I know science lovers both young and old will surely enjoy. So what are you waiting for?

Grab some bags, some pencils, some honey, some empty bottles, some corn starch, some corn syrup and some other common items you have lying around and start getting crazy with these incredibly hacks. I bet, after watching this video, you’ll be itching to try it right away!

Feeling intrigued? Good! Hit the play button below and see for yourself!

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