Premature Baby is So Small Her Arm Could Fit inside Dad’s Wedding Ring! But Look at Her Now…

Miracles do happen! Thirteen weeks premature, Mollie Perrin weighed only 1lb 1oz (0.45 kg) when she was born. She was so small that her entire arm could easily slip through her father’s wedding ring, with plenty of room to spare!

The doctors told her parents that she might not have a long time to live and could pass away in less than three weeks. Despite the dire prediction, her family remained hopeful that she will survive. They hoped and they prayed and they took care of her…

…Eight months later, Mollie is still very much alive! She has also greatly improved! Her arm could no longer fit inside her father’s wedding ring! Also, she has gained precious pounds and is now over 8lb 3oz. At 8 months old, she is still too tiny and is just as big as most newborn babies yet the improvements have been great.

Truly, she is a living miracle!

Eight months ago baby Mollie Perrin was tiny, birdlike, and weighed just 1lb.She was so small her entire arm could be…

Posted by Precious Life on Monday, December 21, 2015

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