How is your relationship with your mother?

We have to admit that there are times when we feel embarrassed by our own mothers, such as the example given by professional wrestler and motivational speaker, Marc Mero, wherein his mom would furiously shout at him during sports events back when he was still in school.

The teenage years are the most troublesome for many people, with rebellions and stints at drinking, drug addiction, partying, and other wild stuff. Moms live with a perpetual headache during those years, worrying about her kids’ whereabouts – only for the teenagers to slam their doors on her if she wanted to talk.

But do we really have to wait until she’s gone before we realize just how wonderful she had been in our lives?

Marc does not want that to happen to other people. As a motivational speaker, he reduced an assembly of middle school students to tears with his inspiring story.

Watch it here and you’ll know why these young ones were in tears: