Python and Bat Fight to ***** While Hanging on a Tree Until the Snake Finally Gives Up

An enormous carpet python tried to swallow a large bat whole and both animals fight to ***** while hanging in a tree.

Image: Facebook / Tony Morrison

The video was captured in Brisbane, Australia, and it shows both creatures locked in mortal combat while the end part of the snake is barely hanging on the tree.

Luckily, after being locked down for over half an hour, the python gave up and dropped the bat on the ground.

Image: Facebook / Tony Morrison

The video was captured by snake catcher Tony Morrison who posted it on his Facebook page with the caption: “This snake could not get past the wings of the bat and decided to give up.

According to him, “It couldn’t get past the wings, so after half an hour he just dropped the bat on the ground.

He added that carpet pythons were common in the area but they were not a threat to humans. They captured the snake but moved it far from the road.

He said, “We eventually moved the snake down the road into bushland, because it was in an area where kids would cross to get to school.

Carpet pythons are commonly found in trees and shrubs but they also move around in open areas. These pythons are normally around 2 meters in length but some can grow up to 4 meters.