‘Real-Life Hunger Games’ Survival Reality TV Show Organized by a Russian Millionaire Boasts ‘Anything is Allowed’, Set to Start in 2017

Reality TV shows are slowly losing popularity but this new show organized by Russian millionaire, Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, is expected to come out with a bang.

Game 2: Winter is a 30-people 9-month survival reality TV show set to start on July 2017. What makes it different then?

The show boasts ‘anything is allowed’, a new setting, and a real life survival without camera crews, doctors, etc. Even though ‘anything is allowed’, there’s a catch, the participants still need to follow the laws of Russia.

The show is also set in the Siberian taiga which can go -40 degree Celsius during winter. They will be given a knife and a basic survival kit. They are also expected to hunt their own food.

With the show setting a new bar of difficulty, it is expected to attract people who love adventure from all walks of life. It may not be for the less fortunate because there is US $160,000 registration fee. However, they promised that some will be selected in an online poll for free.

There will be no film crew and each participant will carry a portable camera with rechargeable batteries. The show will be screened online 24/7 with footage from 2000 different cameras within over 2200 acres of taiga.

A ‘survival training’ will be attended by the participants before the actual deployment. Each participant will have a panic button linked to a satellite. They can only use it once but it would mean that they will be out of the show for good.

All who survived after 9 months will share the prize.

The show will be screened in a dedicated TV channel but there is also interest from mainstream broadcasters from 5 different countries.