Known as the strongest dwarf in the world, 52-year-old Anton Kraft stands 4’ 4” but can lift 4 times his own weight and has broken several world records. He is “pound-for-pound the strongest man in the world”.

Anton had always been an achiever; pushing himself to the limits despite doctors warning him to slow down as he could die of a heart attack from overexertion. He is undeterred, however, claiming he had technically “died” five times already because of his training and for various reasons, including falling from a window, but he is still alive today.

This ambitious drive has led him to 43-year-old China Bell, a 6’3”-foot transgender woman. The moment he saw China, Anton felt that she was the one for him. He knows China is transgender but likes that she works hard to be feminine – the same way he works hard as a bodybuilder. For Anton, it is the perfect match!

I enjoy dating a transgender woman because she was born a male and is doing the utmost to become as feminine as possible. I find that most women born as women do not spend as much time on their appearance. Right now I feel like I’m the luckiest man on the planet – we are all happy and good and I have never felt better than I do now – and that would be thanks to China.” – Anton Kraft

As for China, she was not interested with Anton at first but soon got curious about how it would feel to date someone who is just a little over 4 feet tall.

“I’m different and he’s different, and where we’re from, different is good.” – China Bell

The two had been dating for over 6 months and are now planning to get married.