Rescue Video Shows a Dying Stray Dog’s Amazing Transformation after Woman Gives Him a Home to Die in

Could this be a case of a beast who turned out to be a handsome prince? Well, it really was that – although the ‘prince’ in the story is a dog who turned from an emaciated, dying mass of bones into a handsome animal!

It all started when Valia Orfanidou, a woman who runs a pet rescue/fostering organization called “The Orphan Pet”, spotted a photo of the dog on the internet. A lot of people were commenting that the dog could not be for real as no one would survive such crazy conditions!

Seeing that this dog really needed help, Orfanidou traveled over two hours to Greece and spent several more hours trying to find the dog in the streets. When she finally found him, she was so shocked at his condition but determined to bring him home.

Screenshot from video by The Orphan Pet / YouTube

Despite extensive experience in fostering dog, she had never rescued a dog similar to this one but she hoped to, at least, give him a loving home to die in. She named him Billy.

At first, it was a struggle to even feed Billy but he would soon be out of his weak state. Little by little, he progressed from a dying mass into a well-fed dog whose coat would soon be shiny again! His body filled out with muscles and after several months, he was as active as any other dog in Orfanidou’s rescue center!

In fact, he transformed so much that it was difficult to imagine that he was once that dying dog Orfanidou rescued from the streets! It’s wonderful what some TLC can do, right?

Check out Billy’s incredible transformation in this video:

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