Roger Federer to Meet Long-Time Rival Rafael Nadal at the Finals of Miami Open

Roger Federer defeated his opponent in tennis, Nick Kyrgios, at the Miami Open.  Next time, he would need to face long-term rival Rafael Nadal at the finals of Miami Open.

The match between Federer and Kyrgios was so close that it was hard to determine who would win but he was able to ‘finish off the flashy, unpredictable Kyrgios an hour later’.

When Federer hit a service winner on the final point, Kyrgios angrily whacked his racket three times against the hard court. Federer patiently waited until the Aussie was done before triumphantly swatting a ball into the stands, stated Tennis.

Both Kyrgios and Federer were in a high intensity match but the latter was able to get the better of Kyrgios.

It could have gone either way. It was a nail biter,” Federer noted.

federer and nadal
Image by Sky Sports and NBC Olympics

Now, he is in the finals and would fight his old nemesis, Rafael Nadal, since the two of them first encountered one another 13 years ago. He said that the match ‘would feel like old times.’

A sellout crowd was firmly in Federer’s corner, and the big-hitter Kyrgios played the role of unpopular spoiler brilliantly. He drew jeers every time he took his frustration out on his racket, received code violations for swearing and slow play, and complained about the fans when they shouted during a rally in the final tiebreaker,” stated NewsDay.

But Federer is not complaining about his rival Kyrgios’ fiery behavior.

Next, he would meet Rafael Nadal at the finals. Nadal was lucky, though, to win his match with Fabio Fognini as he even lost one of his sneakers at one point during a match.  Fortunately, he was able to regain the momentum in time, and went on to win the game.

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