Three Roommates Find $40,800 in Couch They Bought for Just $20, That’s Like Hitting the Jackpot!

Have you ever purchased something that turned out to be worth much more than what you paid for it? Well, a group of friends in New York were quite lucky to find $40,800 in a couch they actually bought for a measly $20!

The three friends live in an apartment in New Paltz, 75 miles north of New York City. One day, while hunting for bargains at the local Salvation Army, they chanced upon a rather old and dirty couch which sold for $20.

Even if it was quite lumpy and old, the three decided to buy it anyway as it was literally dirt cheap.

For several months, the three were content with their old sofa but one day, student Reese Werkhoven decided to investigate why the couch was so hard and lumpy. Opening one of the zippered arms, he discovered an envelope filled with money! It had $4,000 in bubble-wrapped notes.

Screenshot from video by Telegraph UK

His roommates Cally Guasti and Lara Russo quickly helped him in the treasure hunt, to see whether their cheap, old sofa had more money inside. True enough, they found more envelopes and the total stash in that cheap old thing totaled $40,800!

They certainly hit the jackpot on this bargain find! But what do you think should they do next? Well, the three friends dug some more into their sofa and eventually discovered a deposit slip containing the name and number of a woman who most likely owned the sofa.

As it was already late at night, they called her the following day. When they told her they both her old couch, she immediately told them she had a lot of money inside that old thing and that she needed it.

The three decided to do the right thing. They drove to the old lady’s house and gave her the money – after all, even if they had purchased the old sofa, that money was 100% hers.

She told them the money was savings she and her husband had stashed inside over the years. Her husband had already passed away. When she got confined at the hospital, her daughter decided to surprise her with a new couch, not knowing about the stash inside the old one!

Thankfully, these three roommates were an honest bunch. While they were ready to go home $40,800 ‘poorer’, the old lady gave them $1,000 each! Still a good prize for the $20 couch and a clear conscience, right?