Self-Proclaimed ‘Masters of Event-Crashing’ Invite Themselves to Exclusive Hollywood Movie Premieres Using Simple Tricks

Let’s get this straight, Hollywood movie premieres are very exclusive events and are definitely very hard to crash. A group of YouTube vloggers who call themselves ‘Yes Theory’ proves it could be done. The group made three attempts and managed to get ‘invited’ twice.

These brilliant ideas are bound to inspire a lot of wannabe crashers. So if you are attempting to give it a try, you need to have a least a really presentable tux or gown, tons of confidence, and top-notch marketing skills.

Trick 1: I am definitely on the list

Just walk in there and pose the ‘I am definitely on the list’ confidence. But of course, you are not on the list so if they start asking questions, say that you got a last minute invitation from a friend who is part of the movie. Surprise! It worked and they got the ticket.


Trick 2: Forge the ticket

This will require some image editing skills. However, these exclusive events always counter-check your name so it didn’t work because they are not in the list.

Trick 3: Get yourself invited

Patience and telemarketing skills are required. This is simple. Just try to get hold of someone who might be able to give you reservations by telling them that you are part of the movie or at least you are working for some who is. After several phone calls and an hour of trying, they finally get themselves invited to the premiere and the after-party.


These tricks are not guaranteed to work for all the time. Use with caution.