The senior class had worked hard the entire year to raise close to $8,000 for their class field trip but when they learned that their principal was diagnosed with a rare form of tissue cancer, they unanimously voted to skip the trip and donate everything for her treatment!

The students of Profile school for both junior and high school students in Bethlehem, New Hampshire also pulled off a neat trick. They did not immediately tell principal Courtney Vashaw the good news. They asked her to attend the senior meeting. She was warmly received upon arrival.

When the student leaders announced that they were donating their money to her, Vashaw was very much surprised. She later admitted she had no idea the seniors were planning to donate the funds they raised for their field trip.

She accepted the money graciously. She told ABC News this:

I feel like this has been a beautiful experience as an educator. You work so hard to try and help cultivate not only academically astute young people but kids who care. I am just so impressed and so proud of these kids for being the embodiment of that.

If I even make it through the graduation without being a teary, soggy mess, it’s going to be a miracle.

It is wonderful how these kids sacrificed their money for a better cause. They had been taught well – these are truly wonderful, caring students. The principal must have been an awesome person, too, for everyone to vote in favor of donating their hard-earned money.

News Source:

ABC News