A blind man was begging for money at a sidewalk. By his side was a sign which read “I’m blind, please help.”

As expected, some people who passed by gave him some spare change but most of them simply walked on past him without giving him anything. This went on for several minutes, perhaps hours, until one beautiful lady stopped by and changed his signboard.

The lady thinks “I’m blind, please help” was too obvious and boring, so people simply passed by without doing anything for the old man. She scrawled a few words at the back of the signboard and returned it to the man’s side.

The puzzled old man soon heard a lot of clinks and clanks as many people gave him their spare change. He could not understand what just happened but knew it had something to do with the lady who changed his sign.

Watch the heartwarming video below to check out what the lady wrote on the sign:

News Source:

SF Globe