She Doesn’t Have Anorexia but This Woman is Starving to Death…And She Can’t Help It

She grew up like a regular kid and was healthy throughout most of her adult life but Lisa Brown’s life was would change some years after getting married.

All of a sudden, she could not eat as much as she previously could – since she would just vomit everything up. She felt like someone was constantly trying to squeeze the insides of her abdominal area. She was constantly in pain and had to stay at home. Her husband lamented about how they could not do fun things together anymore because constant pain forced her to stay inside the house.

Over the months that followed, Lisa went to several doctors and medical experts before someone finally got the right diagnosis: Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS). This condition affects the gastrointestinal system, causing her intestines to fuse or pinch together; thus, making it virtually impossible to eat anything.

Photo credit: LOLWOT
Photo credit: LOLWOT

Lisa was forced to take liquid food at very small amounts, just enough to keep her alive but not enough to provide her with the nutrition her body needs. So, she starves to death each passing day – and she couldn’t even do anything about it except pray that surgery in her intestines could correct her condition.

Not knowing how long she will be able to survive in this condition, Lisa shares her story in hopes that people can learn about this condition and someone, someday, someone could find a cure to this horrible condition.

Here’s Lisa’s story as shared by Barcroft TV:

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