Standing at 5’2”, Sara Tucholsky has never had a homerun before – until a crucial game for the Conference Championship between her team, Western Oregon, and Central Washington.

With two runners in the bases, Sara knew a homerun would be perfect but she never dreamed it would come true. For the first time in her life, she hit the ball so hard that it went over the fence, securing her homerun.

The team was enthusiastic as she ran to first base but was dismayed when they saw her simply hugging the first base. This happened because she injured her foot while trying to go back to first after she passed it without touching the plate.

She hit the only homerun in her career yet would never be able to score it because of her injury. Coach Pam Knox asked the umpire whether teammates could assist her across the bases, yet was told that doing so would be an offense and the homerun will not be credited.

Just when they thought it was going to be a wasted homerun, players of the opposing team quickly ran to the umpire to ask whether they are allowed to carry the injured girl across the bases.

The next moments were emotional…Watch the tear-jerking video below:

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The Oregonian, GodVine