Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life – and it would be fantastic if our parents get to attend. Of course, fate sometimes has a different plan. There are those who lost their parents while others have parents who are too sick to attend the event.

Alexandra Pearson lives in California, 1,900 miles away from her parents and is getting married there but her dad, Andre, and her mom lives in Minnesota. The two would have gladly made the long journey but Andre’s congestive heart failure was worsening and doctors told him it would be unsafe to travel that far.

So, poor Alexandra had to proceed with the wedding without her parents. Then, by some stroke of love from above, Andre felt better and doctors gave him the “go” signal to make the long journey. The couple hurriedly made travel arrangements but did not tell their daughter because, well, they wanted it to be a huge surprise for the would-be bride.

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