What happens when a girl pranks a guy, tricking him into “proposing” on Valentine’s Day? Well, the scenario might be different among different couples but the one in this video is heartbreaking.

An avid fan of prankster Fousey Tube asked him to help her prank her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Yousef arranged for a proposal prank wherein he would provide the guy with the stuff he would need for a proposal, including a ring, of course.

While dining out, the prankster appears and hands the girl a box. He tells the guy they are doing “cute things” for Valentine’s Day. The guy readily accepted this, probably thinking it was good that someone else is giving his girl a gift so he does not have to go out and buy her one.

When she opened the gift box and finds the ring with the “Will you marry me?” sign, she begun to protest and say it has been only three weeks and she’s not yet ready for marriage. What happened next was totally unexpected.

You can watch the full video here: