She’s the Smallest Mom in the World… And Has a Wonderful Story to Tell

Christianne Ray is a mom who adores her kids and has a handsome husband who absolutely loves her yet at 2 feet, 9 inches tall, she is the shortest in the world! But being the smallest mom in the world did not stop Christianne from being a hands-on mom as much as she could.

Still, for that to happen, Christianne needs the help of her own parents, Linda and Chris, as well as her 6-foot-four husband, Jeremy. They move the baby to her height so she could reach it to change diapers or enjoy a cuddle.

Photo credit: The Sun UK
Photo credit: The Sun UK

Even with her first pregnancy, Christianne is not able to bring the baby to full term as doctors deem it very dangerous since the unborn child could push upwards and crush her lungs or heart. Her first daughter, Kyrsten was born via C-section at 34 weeks.

Her pediatrician determined early on that Kyrsten would be just like her mom. Indeed, the prediction was right and Kyrsten grows up similarly as her mother but that did not stop Christianne and Jeremy from expanding their family.

Their second child, a boy they named Liam, was also born premature and, just like Kyrsten, he is believed to grow similarly as their mother.

Still, the family is focused on having a good time and overcoming the challenges they face each day. As Inside Edition said, “…this tiny mom is not focused on how tall her baby will be, only on the love in her heart that is growing by the day.

Watch Jeremy and Christianne’s story when Kyrsten was still a baby:

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