Shocked Husband Hears Wife Screaming Inside Grave, Opens Tomb to Save Her

Can you imagine waking up after you were declared dead by doctors, and finding yourself inside a dark tomb? This is one of the nightmares that no one ever wishes to experience but for one teen in Honduras, it was something that shocked her so much that she ended up dying again. Poor girl.

According to the report by local TV news station Primer Impacto, teenager Neysi Perez had just gotten married and was 3 months pregnant when she suffered from seizures one night while using the lavatory.

Some neighbors think she had a panic attack after hearing some gunshots nearby but because her mouth was foaming and her body was jerking, her parents thought she might have been possessed by an evil spirit.

Photo credit: Primer Impacto / Daily Mail UK

Desperate to ‘liberate’ their daughter, the elder Perez couple called for a local priest to exorcise the girl but this did not prove effective and only seemed to have gotten her condition worse. With Neysi becoming immobile and seemingly not showing any signs of life, the family decided to bring her to the hospital. Finally!

But they were too late. Neysi was declared by doctors. The poor family decided to hold a quick wake and bury Neysi at La Entrada General Cemetery the soonest time possible because they had no money to have her body embalmed.

Neysi was buried in her wedding gown.

That night, gravedigger Jesus Villanueva got the scare of his life when he heard screams from the tomb, prompting him to run away and think there was a ghost trapped inside.

Photo credit: TechnoCrownMedia / YouTube – Primer Impacto

When Neysi’s husband Rudy Gonzales went to her grave the following day, he also heard the screams inside the grave. Instead of feeling scared, Rudy believed Neysi was still alive and promptly sought help from the gravedigger to take her out.

Neysi’s relatives also arrived after hearing news of her possible ‘resurrection’. But while she was warm to touch when the coffin was opened, she was no longer breathing. They were so rattled with the experience that they rushed her to the hospital, still in her coffin.

Once we had taken her out of the tomb I put my hand on her body. She was still warm, and I felt a faint heartbeat. She had scratches on her forehead and bruises on her fingers. It looked like she had tried desperately to get out of the casket and hurt herself,” Neysi’s cousin Carolina Perez claimed.

Photo credit: TechnoCrownMedia / YouTube – Primer Impacto

At the hospital, doctors tried to revive Neysi but would later re-declare her as dead. Neysi was returned to her coffin and buried again.

Her family slammed the hospital for being careless and quickly declaring her dead the first time around because she, sadly, had to suffer the nightmare of actually dying from a heart attack after waking up in the tomb!

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