(Warning: The video contains some graphic scenes which may be distressing to some. Please watch at your own risk.)

Animal Aid Unlimited India acts as a rescue-center, hospital and sanctuary for ownerless street animals in the country.

Published on February 8, 2015, this video already has almost 2.5 million views and still counting. According to the description by the team: “We rescued a sick street bull who had been living off of garbage his entire life. We knew his stomach was full of plastic and he urgently needed surgery. Our veterinarians surgically removed more than 20 kgs (40 pounds) of plastic and garbage that had been accumulating in his stomach for many years.”

The poor bull named Tingu, was living off by eating garbage on the streets of India for his entire life, and because of the garbage he ate, his stomach was almost completely full of plastic and other trash items that accumulated over the years. Tingu was very sick and would have lost his life if not for the on-time rescue of the team at Animal Aid Unlimited.

The team at Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to help Tingu by doing a surgery to remove the accumulated plastic and other trash inside his stomach. The vets from the team said that Tingu didn’t have long to live if they were not able to remove the plastic from his stomach. They were clearly shocked to find and remove 20 kg (45 lbs) of plastic inside his stomach! 

Photo credit: Youtube

Photo credit: Youtube

Poor Tingu must have felt so bad before the operation–with that enormous amount of plastic inside of him.

Watch until the end of the video to see Tingu’s adorable face of relief after his huge operation.