SHOCKING: Fans Believe Michael Jackson is Still Alive

The world has been saddened by the passing of Michael Jackson since he was one of the best performers in the world.  He had several concert tours, which all earned him millions of dollars. However, some people just can’t accept the fact that he is dead.  There are lots of theories on the web claiming that he is still alive.

micheal jackson with her daughter
Michael Jackson seen at the back of his daughter’s car. Image by The Mirror

One of them is from the selfie photo shared by his daughter, Paris Jackson.  At the back of his car, there is a shadowy picture that most people claim to be Michel Jackson.

Even the doctor, Conrad Murray, who diagnosed him claimed that he was still alive upon his arrival in the hospital.

‘I was at the hospital with him for hours. When he got to UCLA they found evidence he was not dead, he was alive, he has signs of life,’ Murray told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I never left the hospital until 6pm. I took care of the children, the mother, the brothers and sisters and everyone else.’

Now, a video shows Michael Jackson is alive and got interviewed by a known host, supposedly live on TV. This changes everyone’s belief that he is dead.   Fans were excited to see him alive, but Michael wasn’t ready for the world and he promised that he would make a come back someday.

It is said that some people saw him during his funeral – alive! – and was among the people mourning in the time of his death back in 2009.  There are lots of videos posted on YouTube, all claiming that Michel is still alive. What do you think?

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