Shocking! Woman Finds Two-Headed Snake-Like Creature in Her Garden

A woman walks to her garden and found something strange, a creature that looks like a snake!  The creature has two heads — and she hasn’t seen one of these before.

Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar
Image credited to Daily Mail

Luján Eroles, 46, was walking in her garden when she found the creature.  The snake-like creature is around 4 inches.

At first, they thought that it was a deformed creature since no one has seen something like it before. When they posted the video on their Facebook page, lots of people gave their own opinion.

Robert Moore writes: ‘I think its a deformed creature. This planet is sooo old that it gives everything a chance to reconstruct into something else.’

This may be the head of a viper’, commented Facebook user, Fernando Garcia.

At last, some people identified it as an Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar.

According to Wikipedia, the species is found in countries like Britain, Ireland, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, and the Indian Subcontinent.

This type of caterpillar can grow as much as 3 inches and has a spine on its abdomen.  The caterpillar resembles the snout of an elephant; as such, it got the name “Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar”.

Like all caterpillars, it grows into a beautiful butterfly; it has a wing span of 50–70 mm (2.0–2.8 in).  The species has a good set of eyes as it can see clearly at night.

When disturbed the snake mimic hawkmoth caterpillar pulls in its legs and head and expands the front part of its body, to take on the appearance of a serpent. The brown part, which appears to be the top of the snake’s head, is actually the caterpillar’s underside,” writes the Daily Mail.

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