Snake on a Plane! No, This is Not a Joke and has Nothing to Do with the Movie…

You probably heard of the movie, “Snakes on a Plane”, wherein there were snakes that got out of their cages and caused fear among the passengers.  Some of the passengers even died since those snakes were venomous.  Luckily, the snake that was on the plane in this news isn’t venomous.

snake on a plane
Image from BBC

The reptile was spotted by a little boy, who was climbing on his seat when he spotted the sleeping snake partially covered by a duffel bag at the back of the plane,” writes Sky News.

Being told that there is a snake would have scared the hell out of some people but the passengers remained calm till the snake got caught by one of the flight crew.

The snake is about 4 to 5 feet long and is not venomous like the ones in the movie.

The pilot instructed the flight attendant to grab it by the belly and put it in a plastic bag.   Luckily, the snake wasn’t hostile as the attendant was able to do what she had been told.

The crew were first made aware of the snake when an unnamed passenger reported his pet was missing after he got off a flight to Aniak, which is also in Alaska, and suggested the reptile was likely to be on the return trip to Anchorage.

Ravn Alaska spokesman William Walsh said the airline was thankful for the heads up but added the passenger had violated airline policy by bringing the snake aboard without declaring it,” writes BBC.

Source :

Sky News, BBC

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