Some Adults Tried Buying the iPhone They Found But These Honest Kids Went Straight to the Police Station to Find Rightful Owner

While selling sampaguita (a jasmine species) at the Grand Central Terminal, Barangay Ilayang Dupay in Lucena City in the province of Quezon, Philippines on May 28, 2016, two kids found an iPhone inside a parked passenger bus.

According to Favradio FM, some adults tried to buy the iPhone unit from Richele Dutaro Aringo and Cael Japor Hepe but the two refused, choosing instead to bring the unit straight to the police station.

Photo credit: Facebook/Favradio FM
Photo credit: Facebook/Favradio FM

At Lucena City Police Station, Police Chief P/Supt Joel L. De Mesa praised the kids for their honesty and gave them a monetary reward! He told the kids to use the money wisely.

Some of those who commented on the Facebook post by the radio station noted that the kids needed the money since one of them did not even have slippers!

Photo credit: Facebook/Favradio FM
Photo credit: Facebook/Favradio FM

It is commendable how these kids, poor as they are, continued to be honest despite their financial situations and the somewhat bad influence of the adults around them.

Kudos, kids! Let’s hope you will also receive some lasting compensation for your actions, such as a scholarship just like what the viral Badjao girl received, perhaps?


  • Jace Burgos

    They care more about honesty than being like those rich cool kids. God bless you kids.

  • AlanOnPalawan

    These children obviously had some great parents. I saw nothing in this story to suggest that the police returned the phone to the rightful owner. I don’t believe a policeman would give them a reward unless he intended to get his money back somehow. I further suspect that the police sold the phone.