Good continues to triumph over evil – something that was proved in this story.

Tona Herdon was visiting the grave of her husband who had just died 2 weeks before; they had been married for 60 years. But the unthinkable happens. She was mugged! The thief stole her purse containing $700.

He was later apprehended by the police; though the money was not recovered.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, a 15-year-old boy saw the man’s face in the news – and he just had to act. You see, the boy was the mugger’s son. His dad had given him $250 so he could join a band trip but after seeing the news, he knew he just had to return the money to the old lady, even if he was not the one who stole it.

They met at a church parking lot and he had the chance to say sorry and give back the money. Tona accepted the teen’s offer wholeheartedly…but that’s not the end of the story.

Watch the touching moment here: