Son of Poor ‘Puto’ Vendor Ranks Second in Accountancy Board Exams… Awesome!

They may be poor but this did not stop Kimjames Sarapanan Manalo from working hard to reach his dreams and excel in life – and he proved this by ranking second in the recent accountancy board exams in the Philippines.

As a kid, Kimjames would walk to school and had to make do with what is available because there really was little to go buy since his parents are ‘puto’ (a favorite native Filipino food) vendors. A quiet boy, Kimjames would often just stay in his room and simply study instead of going out with friends, reveals parents Anastacio and Nelda Manalo.

Photo credit: CorJesu College of Digos Alumni Office
Photo credit: CorJesu College of Digos Alumni Office

Due to his diligence, Kimjames graduated from Ruparan Elementary School in 2007 and Ruparan National High School in 2011 – both as salutatorian! He became a Benedictine scholar at COR Jesu College of Digos (CJC) in Digos City, Davao del Sur in Southern Philippines.

When he has to go to the mall with friends, Kimjames would just read and study there because he did not have money to go shopping. With his perseverance, he graduated magna cum laude.

With the advice from mentor Edgel Earl Abear, he reviewed for a year before taking the board exams – and just as the teacher expected, Kimjames excelled in the exams and ranked second! He got a rating of 91.83%.

Photo credit: Facebook/Norhan Jalaidi
Photo credit: Facebook/Norhan Jalaidi

Congratulations to the new CPA, Kimjames Sarapanan Manalo! You truly are an inspiration to other poor kids out there to never stop dreaming…

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