Stabbing Victim Crawls 100 Yards to Road, Names Killer as She Took Her Last Breath

Lizette Cuesta, 19, bravely crawled 100 yards towards the road, leaving a trail of blood behind her as she tried her best to find help after getting stabbed multiple times and dumped at a remote location in Livermore, northeast of San Jose in California’s Bay Area.

Delivery workers taking the hilly route were shocked to see the bloody teen by the roadside at 2AM on Monday, February 12. They immediately called emergency services.

It turned out the teen had been clinging on to life as she crawled towards the street, determined to find help in the freezing cold.

Photo credit: The Washington Post

As she took her dying breath, Lizette told first responders the identity of her killer: her co-worker Daniel Gross. He had an accomplice, his 25-year-old girlfriend Melissa Leonardo. The three work together at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Tracy, California.

Alameda County spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said that Lizette clearly identified Daniel as her killer. “Those were her last words,” he said.

The road where Lizette was found
Photo credit: The Washington Post

The police are still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together but it was believed that Lizette rode the car that night on her own volition.

It sounds like they’re friends, like you’re friends with anyone you may work with. She got in the car, we believe, because she knows them… I think Lizette believed that she was going to be safe when she got in the car that night, and that’s the sad part about this case,” Sgt. Kelly said.

Working on her last words, cops ******** the couple a few hours later at their home in Modesto, located around 40 miles east of where Lizette was found.

Daniel’s statement to the police was full of puzzling loopholes. While he claimed to have killed Lizette because ‘he just snapped’, many parts of his confession led to more questions.

For instance, he claimed that his girlfriend was driving the vehicle while he and Lizette were making out at the backseat but wouldn’t say where they were headed. He also said all three of them were smoking marijuana that night but he would later kill Lizette ‘on self-defense’ after she elbowed him on the ribs.

Photo credit: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

Daniel also claimed that Lizette was the one who was carrying the knife but it came from him because he gave it to her earlier as ‘protection’ for when she goes skateboarding. While he made an apparent confession to murdering Lizette, Daniel didn’t reveal his motive.

Could it be that he actually tried to **** her but she fought back? That’s highly likely; although cops are also trying to determine whether Daniel’s girlfriend also had a hand in Lizette’s *****, especially considering she was there when the incident happened.