Strange ‘Jesus Christ’ Image Appears Over Light Beams, Sparks Debates over Authenticity

In this busy modern world, do people still believe that miracles happen? Do people still believe that celestial beings, spirits of dead people, and supernatural creatures sometimes ‘visit’ our world?

It really is hard to believe that people still believe in those things, especially because a lot of people would demand proof of an apparition through photos and videos – after all, practically everyone owns a smartphone these days, right?

Well, in 2016, a photography claims that while taking photos of the 9/11 commemoration and memorial rites, he captured an image of ‘Jesus Christ’ over the light beams in the sky!

Photo credit: Rich McCormack

According to freelance photographer Rich McCormack, he had been taking photos of the ceremony every year but this was the first time he was able capture something like this. He said the photos were taken from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Photo credit: Rich McCormack

In the photos, two parallel beams of light were shooting up in the sky in commemoration of the two towers that fell during the 9/11 attacks back in 2001. But above the twin beams of light floated what appears to be a robed figure which people often associate with Jesus Christ.

But as expected, McCormack’s claim was met with skepticism because photo editing is really also quite rampant these days. And it is rather easy for someone like him to photoshop the Jesus image in the photos.

Photo credit: Rich McCormack

What does he stand to gain from this? Popularity, of course! Most people have this hidden desire to become famous on social media, even if it means just a few days or weeks of popularity after going viral over something – and these photos were clearly viral material!

Indeed, the photos went viral and debates continue whether this was for real and that Jesus was truly looking down at the commemorative rites or if it was just another hoax…

Photo credit: Rich McCormack

What do you think?

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