A young mother was waiting in the ER with her newborn baby but she did not expect that further tests are needed to check her child’s condition. Kaylee Goemans had earlier placed all the change she had in her purse on the parking meter but time was running out but she could not just leave her kid at the ER to add more change on the meter. The child was later diagnosed with intussusception and a heart murmur.

Running out of options but afraid that her car might be towed for failing to pay the parking fees, she turned to other moms in an FB group for help, reports CBS News.

Photo credit: CBS News

Photo credit: CBS News

Within minutes, several responded – some imploring other moms to help Kaylee while there were others who offered to place change in her parking meter. After asking for the details on her vehicle, at least 5 moms went out of their way to help out the young mom with her dilemma!

It was a great to witness this story of kindness in an online community – these women do not know each personally yet they pitched in to help one in distress.

Kaylee shared the story in gratitude to the women who helped her out as well as to inspire others to “pay it forward”.

She said:

It’s a rough world right now and we only have each other in it. We need to show the next generation how important it is to help others who need it. I have a saying, “Not every day is good, but there is good in every day!”

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