If you are wondering why the students of Math professor Pietro Boselli are never absent, it is because he is the world’s hottest Math teacher, of course! LOL. That is an exaggeration but you get my drift…

Photo credit: baespotting/Instagram

Photo credit: baespotting/Instagram

Pietro Boselli is a professor at the University College London. Hailing from Negrar, Italy, this hunk 6ft 1in professor was the subject of his student’s daydreams but no one realized he was more than just a teacher until student Arief Azli discovered his Instagram account, which had over 80,000 followers!

That moment when you realize your maths lecturer is a top designer model.

Just in case you are wondering, the heartthrob was really an authentic Math professor! He even holds a PhD in mechanical engineering!

Professor Boselli is definitely the hottest nerd I’ve ever heard of! Did you know he was crowned European Fitness Model in 2014? Incredible, isn’t it?

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