Take a Glance: Life Inside the Coffin House

Honestly, this is the first time I was able to see something like this. Let me take you to their world and let the images describe how was it living in these very small spaces.

Around 200,000 people in Hong Kong were estimated living in about 88,000 coffin homes. As the word “coffin” implies, they were very small spaces measuring only 15 square feet. However, the United Nations had condemned the country for their practice of these coffin homes as an insult to humanity.

One tenant of the coffin cages said, “I’m still alive and yet I am already surrounded by four coffin planks.

Photo : Benny Lam

The cage is occupied by the poorest among the city who cannot afford the sky-rocketing rent costs.

Photo : Benny Lam

Left with no choice, they were forced to live in these minuscule cages.

Photo : Benny Lam

The tenants were of different ages and sexes.

Photo : Benny Lam

This is how coffin homes look outside.

Photo : Benny Lam

A shocking picture of the kitchen-toilet complex inside a coffin home.

Photo : Benny Lam

You can even sense how unsanitary it was because their food was being prepared just a few steps away from the toilet.

Photo : Benny Lam

Another tenant said that one of the most difficult thing that they went through living in it was that they cannot breathe fresh hair.  They felt suffocated.

By just merely looking at the pictures, I felt how difficult it was for these people to be living in a country where land is scarce. I hope one day they’ll be given an access to decent living though granting of housing projects so they can also live and enjoy life as it should be.

Source :

The Guardian

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