Taxi Driver Saves 78-Year-Old Man from Scammers after Pensioner Handed Him $16,000 in a Box

These days, there are a lot of scammers who prey on old people, trying to steal their pensions and lifelong savings. There a different modus operandi that these unscrupulous people do to steal the pensioners’ money.

In a small township called Marlow just outside London, an elderly man named Barry Stone received a call from scammers who pretended to be policeman investigating him for ‘bank fraud’.

To clear his name, he was supposed to withdraw his savings and touch the money so they can test his fingerprints. If his prints did not match their records, he will get his money back. If the prints matched, then he will go to jail.

He was instructed to put the money in a box and hand it to a taxi driver. If the driver asks what’s inside the box, he was supposed to say it was just aftershave for his son who will come pick it up from the taxi cab.

Photo credit: Good Times

The ‘policemen’ scared the 78-year-old Barry so much.

I didn’t sleep afterwards and I couldn’t eat at all, it was such a lot of money,” he later told reporters.

Despite thinking that there was something off with the “police” instructions, Barry did as he was told. He hurried to get the money as the fraudsters instructed.

After putting the money in a box which amounted to £12,000 ($16,000), he called a cab to have it delivered. He was quite lucky that the driver, Izy Rashid, knew about the modus operandi and realized the man had been victimized.

He immediately called the cops. When the real policemen arrived, Barry was told that had he handed the money to another taxi driver who didn’t know about the modus, the scammers would have taken it and he would never see his money again!

Izy (left) and Barry (right)
Photo credit: Good Times

Barry filed the police report and was later escorted by the cops back to the bank to deposit the money.

The elderly man could only shake his head and heave a sigh of relief as he pondered about what could have happened had another driver come along instead of Izy. He also admitted that he had thought the instructions sounded fishy but he was also fearful it might have been true.

You just believe them sometimes, don’t you? You think you’re helping people out,” he said.

Thanks to Izy, Barry has been saved from the scammers.

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Good Times

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