Teen Basketball Star Without Hands and Arms

Born in Florida, Jamarion Styles suffered from a rare bacterial infection that forced his doctors to remove both his hands and most of his arms in order to save his life during infancy.

Growing up without hands was a challenge for him, but Jamarion never entertained the idea that he cannot do something once his mind was set over it, even if everyone else believed he can’t.

So when Jamarion turned 13, he decided to play basketball.  He tried joining the neighborhood kids to play basketball at a community center but they would start picking their teams and he was the only one left.   Everyone assumed that being in the team  would be impossible for Jamarion but he never gave up.

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Jamarion lamented, “They will tell me to just go home“.

You can break someone’s heart just like that“,  he added.

Holding on to his dream, on the first day of middle school at Eagles Landing Middle School, Jamarion met basketball coach Darian Williams and expressed his eagerness to join the basketball team. He was then instructed to try out but Darian still wondered how he could ever play basketball without arms.  Jamarion pleaded and said even if he won’t play, he just be allowed to be part of the team which Darian later agreed on.

Even with limitations, Jamarion’s determination proved everyone wrong and he worked even harder than his teammates. “He was usually the first one in the gym and usually the last one to leave,” Darian said.

The Season came and Jamarion still sat most of the games but got his moment finally when he was put in a game with last 6 minutes left and sank three-point shots twice.

Someone once joked at him and offered his arms; Jamarion answered with confidence, “I don’t need them.”

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