Skeptics out there would laugh at Zack Clements’ claim that he met Jesus in the 20 minutes he was dead at the hospital yet his parents are accepting everything he says – because how else could anyone explain how he came back to life after being dead that long?

Zack is an active young boy who loves sports. It was during one of these sporting events that he suddenly collapsed, without any warning. He does not have a heart condition or any other medical condition that might have triggered the collapse – it was merely a sudden cardiac arrest.

He flat-lined for 20 minutes at the hospital despite efforts to revive him. Then, just when the doctors were preparing to declare him as dead, he suddenly came to life with a tale that gave everyone goose bumps.

His story was unbelievable yet holds a grain of truth, especially considering how almost all people who had a near-death experience told of the same story. Watch his story here:

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