Teen Gets Hired on the Spot after Stopping Robbery During His Job Interview

Devin Washington, 18, was being interviewed for a job at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen outlet in New Orleans, Louisiana when the cashier suddenly shouted that the restaurant was being robbed. A man had just grabbed money from the cash register and was bolting for the door.

Assistant Manager Danyanna Metoyer leaped into action, grabbing the thief’s arm. Seeing that Metoyer was struggling with the suspect, a defensive lineman at his school’s football team, 6’4” Washington quickly dashed in to help and tackled the suspect, placing him in a firm armlock.

Washington was hired on the spot! Although his brave move against the suspect earned him some brownie points, Metoyer admitted that this was actually not the reason Washington was hired since the restaurant had already been considering hiring him as cook even before the robbery happened.

She said, “Washington’s brave move wasn’t why he got hired, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

Meanwhile, the robbery suspect, 50-year-old Pablo Ciscart, was soon ******** by the police who quickly arrived at the restaurant. He faces charges of simple robbery and fugitive attachment.

Asked why he helped stop the robbery, Washington said, “I was thinking like it could be my mama (referring to Metoyer).”

He added, “It could be anybody’s mama so you have to protect somebody.

Teenage lands job at Popeye's by stopping a robbery

This teen stopped a robbery at his own job interview

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, March 23, 2016