Teen Mom Throws Newborn Baby Out of 2-Story Window, Posts Disturbing Appeal on Facebook Afterwards

Over a year ago, Antonia Lopez had to care for a fake baby as part of a home economics requirement – and though that ‘child’ wasn’t even a living, breathing one, she had found it to be so annoying. This could have sparked red flags but because she’s just 16 years old, no one really took much notice since most teens aren’t ready for the responsibility of having kids and would probably react the same way.

Photo credit: Antonia Lopez / Facebook

Unknown to many, she got pregnant some months later – and after giving birth to a 2-pound baby in her room, she threw the newborn out the window of her 2-story bedroom. Somewhat feeling guilty, she told her mother about it some minutes later.

Her horrified mom rushed downstairs and desperately tried to save the child through CPR while also calling for help via 911 but the baby was already ****.

Afraid that she would go to jail over her actions, Antonia quickly posted on Facebook for someone with a car to help her but the cops arrived first and took her to the hospital to confirm that she had, indeed, given birth to that now-**** baby.

Photo credit: Antonia Lopez / Facebook


Afterwards, she was taken to the police station where she was charged with murder. Although she’s still 16 years old, she will be tried as an adult.

The authorities investigating her case stumbled upon her old post about hating the fake baby; though many were surprised to learn that she had thrown her baby because no one knew she was pregnant! The cops believe the story would have been different if the teen received counseling and support from her parents and other adults around her but now it is too late. Not only is the baby ****, the teen mom faces long years in jail…