Tenants in Malaysia Leave Rented House in Horrible Condition, Leaves Landlady Shocked

A local landlady from Malaysia who goes by the name of Ziera was horrified when she found her home in such terrible condition after her tenants unexpectedly moved out from her home. Because of what had happened, she used her Facebook profile to share her dissatisfaction in hopes that the tenant would see her post and respond to her.

Image: World of Buzz

According to her Facebook post, she said that her tenants just messaged her out of the blue, telling that they were moving out; they left the keys in the house and blocked her phone number.

When she reached out her house, it all made sense to her why her tenants suddenly moved out.

Image: World of Buzz

It was really surprising that these people couldn’t clean the house. Look at the horrible condition of the toilets. It was really alarming because according to Ziera, her previous tenants are married and have children.

We’ve never checked the house while tenants stayed there because we wanted to respect their privacy, so we did not expect out house to turn out like this,” she said, as translated by World of Buzz.

Image: World of Buzz

Ziera and her husband were so considerate with their previous tenant’s condition. According to World of Buzz, Ziera’s husband did not increase the rent even though they renovated the house, cleaned, and painted the walls so that it will be comfortable to the tenants once they moved in.

Furthermore, they gave them one month to pay the deposit for the tenant’s convenience.

Image: World of Buzz

Ziera was able to find the Facebook profile of their tenants, however; and they can’t be found anywhere. She was able to send a message. They are also planning to make a serious action if these tenants didn’t respond or cooperate.

Image: World of Buzz

A little damage or dirt in the house when tenants move out is acceptable to the landlord and landlady; unfortunately, in Ziera’s situation, it’s really too much. We hope that this situation will be fixed and the tenants will cooperate.

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