Texas Cop Forgets 11-Month-Old Son in Bathtub While He Argues with Estranged Wife, Shocked Dad Finds Baby Dead 45 Minutes Later

The 2-year veteran of El Paso Police Department, Raymond Licon Jr., allegedly left his 11-month-old son in a bathtub as he started the water before he stepped away in their bathroom and engaged into an argument thru text and phone calls with his estranged wife at around 8:34 in the evening of June 20.

Photo : Ray Licon/Facebook

As he might have gotten into prolonged argument with his estranged wife, his son drowned in the bathtub which overflowed and caused the upstairs apartment to get flooded and made water drip from the ceiling.

Photo : Family Handout

Licon found out what happened to his son 45 minutes after he left him in the tub.  He even tried to give CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to Azrael before he called 911 at 9:19 pm for assistance, but unfortunately, the child died at University Medical Center later on.

George Montenegro, Licon’s father-in-law said that his daughter and Licon were in the middle of having a divorce. However, the grieving father-in-law said exasperatedly, “Pure common sense, you don’t leave a baby in a bath tub.  You just don’t do it.

Licon admitted to his neighbors and responding officers that he forgot his son in the bathtub and felt guilty for being the cause of his son’s tragic death.

Photo : Family Handout

The Texas cop was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide. He was then released from the El Paso County Detention Facility after being able to post a bail amounting to $10,000 last Monday.

El Paso Police Department

Due to the incident, the grieving cop has been relieved from his duties in the police department.

Source :

Daily Mail

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