Have you ever wondered why many shoe manufacturers put extra shoelace holes on top of the shoes, located at a slightly different angle from the rest of the holes? Well, these turn out to be very important!

All these years, we have been incorrectly tying our shoelaces!

Do not ignore that extra hole because, according to YouTube user Illumiseen, this is what you need to create what he calls a “heel lock” or a “lace lock” which he candidly spells out for everyone as, “So, that’s what that extra shoelace hole is for!”

Now, what is it for? Well, the heel lock makes sure the shoe is locked unto your leg, allowing your toes to move freely as you run or do intense activities such as climbing up a steep cliff. The lock helps prevents blisters. This will also prevent your shoes from accidentally falling off while you are climbing a steep incline.

I bet you will be as amazed as I was when I first watched the video – an “aha!” moment is in the works here. What I am wondering, though, is why we never knew this! Shoe manufacturers could have placed such instructions in the boxes of shoes they produce…

Here’s the video. The next time I take a run, I would surely use this method of tying my shoelaces…

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