The Guy on the Bike Wishes He Has a Car but the Car Owner is Envious of the Others, Too… But the Last Guy Broke My Heart

There are lots of things that we often overlook in our quest to have a better life, a life that is like the life of the other people we envy yet we do not know that those people might also have other dreams and that the things we envy from them are the ones they do not like because they want something else!

Take for example the guy with the bike who envies the guy with the car yet the car owner is also envious of another car owner who had a new vehicle – yet the list does not end there because this last car owner might have a new car but he wishes he had the cool car his neighbor has but, in turn, this neighbor wanted to have a different car. And the list goes on and on.

Yet, not one of them takes the time to thank their blessing for not only do they have a vehicle to bring them from one place to another, they also have strong legs to carry them to those destinations! The last guy in this sad list is sure to make you feel sad, too…

Be grateful fot what you have!

Look on the Bright Side

Posted by Bright Side on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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