Two patients have been staying a long time in a hospital room. One was blind, so the other one whose bed was close to the window would simply describe to him the events unfolding in the park below.

The two formed a close bond and on a daily basis, the man by the window would vividly describe things in the park. They both cheered for a man who was proposing for his girl; though they were a bit taken aback when the girl threw the flowers away but conceded that the girl wanted a ring.

When the couple went back to the park and the guy went down on his knees, with a ring in hand this time around, the two hospital patients were excited for these love birds.

Then, it was time for the operation of the man by the window and the blind man had to wait for him to get back so he could get updates about the on-goings in the park. The man, however, did not survive the operation.

When a nurse came back to remove the dead man’s linens and belongings, the blind man asked her to describe what she can see in the park below. Surprisingly, she said something the blind man did not expect.

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