The Old Man Behind Her Forgot His Wallet, So She Paid for Groceries… Weeks Later, He Donates $10,000 in Her Name to Cancer Institute She Works For!

While paying for her groceries at an Aldi supermarket, 39-year-old Tracy Warshal overheard the old man behind her in the line remark that had forgotten to bring his wallet. Without hesitation, Tracy quickly offered to pay for his groceries which only totaled $7, anyway, since she knew what a headache it would be for him to go home and get his wallet to pay for the goods he needed.

The old man asked for her name and she only gave him her first name, not wanting to share her surname since she had done the deed without wanting anything in return.

But this old man was no ordinary guy. He is actually a millionaire – and a keen-eyed one at that. Even though Tracy did not give him her last name, he managed to track her down after noticing that the shirt she was wearing read “Piedmont”, referring to The Piedmont Cancer Institute where she works as scheduling coordinator.

Photo credit: JustForMedia/YouTube
Photo credit: JustForMedia/YouTube

Using those two pieces of the puzzle, he managed to track her down. Weeks later, he made a donation of $10,000 under her name to Piedmont Foundation, an affiliate of the health care center where she works!

I’m just excited that one small little gesture made a huge difference and impact on a lot of people. I hope it makes people think twice about doing something small to somebody,” Tracy said.

It is wonderful how Tracy’s small act of kindness was paid with something so much more than anyone could have ever expected…

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